Our rivers and streams are bursting with life. We're doing our bit to protect and enhance them so the wildlife can thrive. ​

River restoration means reinstating natural habitats, features and processes that have been lost through management in the past. This involves replacing the natural bends and curves of rivers that existed before the landscape was modified to improve flow and in return, river health. Preserving the precious rivers in our region has never been more important.​


That’s why we’re investing £7million across 16 different projects between 2020 and 2025 to enhance and protect our rivers, nurture wildlife and restore important habitats, for future generations to enjoy and explore.

When it comes to chalk streams, there’s history in every drop. Our chalk streams are a unique gift to our region, formed through climate, geology, and geography. Find out more about the story of where our water comes from.


At Anglian Water we’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance our rare chalk streams, which is why we are working to reduce our water usage by up to 84 millions litres a day, leaving more for rivers and wildlife. 85% of the world’s chalk streams are found in the UK in southern and eastern England so it’s important we play our part in protecting them.​​


Explore how we are restoring the health of these precious streams​.

We’re also working hard to create a sustainable future for our region by plugging more leaks than ever before, which means taking less water from rivers. Find out how we are leading the way in leakage and other ways we save water​.


When our rivers thrive, our communities thrive too. That’s why we work in partnership with Keep Britain Tidy to look after rivers and beaches. You can learn more about how we work in communities to protect rivers and beaches here.