Reduce the risk of flooding

We take care of over 76,000km of sewer pipes and have invested millions to develop and improve the system.


To reduce the risk of flooding we have projects that will;

  • upsize sewers and increase capacity
  • create off-line storage tanks to cope with stormwater
  • enhancing natural drainage
  • Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s)


Campaigning for sustainable urban drainage

We’re campaigning for building developers and commercial businesses to focus on sustainable urban drainage.

We want them to include features like permeable pavements in their projects. These help to reduce surface water getting into the sewers.


Reduce flooding caused by heavy rain

We’re working to reduce and prevent sewer flooding caused by storms and extreme weather by unblocking sewers and preventing pollutions.  Improving the health of the regions drains, sewers and watercourses. 


More and more traditional gardens are changing with more paved and decked areas being installed/built. Back gardens are also reducing in size with new extensions and conservatories which may then be connected into surface water drains.

With a reduction in grassed areas, rainwater has nowhere to go which increases the amount of surface run-off and the speed at which it goes into to the sewer which can then cause flooding. We all like to make a difference, and one of the easiest ways is to think about how you manage your surface water.

By using sustainable drainage methods at home, you can reduce the risk of surface water flooding

Rain garden


A rain garden can be a natural or artificial dip in the garden that is filled with soil and plants. This helps when surface water is channelled to the rain garden where it can be absorbed by the plants and drains in the ground.

Water butts


Water butts collect rainwater and store it for reuse, and with the average UK roof collecting 90,000 litres of water per year, this is more than enough to keep your water butt topped up.  This stored water can be reused for watering your garden and washing cars. 


Keeping Drains Clear


One of the best ways to reduce the risk of flooding is through keeping the drains and sewers clean and preventing blockages.  Have a look at our tips and advice for our Keep it clear campaign.