Before winter sets in

Autumn is the perfect time to plan ahead for winter. 

Taking a few simple steps to insulate your pipes, water tanks and outdoor taps from leaks and bursts before temperatures start to drop, means you can then carry on with all the things you want to do during the winter.


Use ready-moulded lengths of insulation foam (known as lagging), to protect you pipes, taped together to close any gaps. Wrap the sides and top of cold water tanks in an insulating jacket.

How to insulate them

Keeping your tank, pipes and outdoor taps protected is straight forward cost effective and doesn’t take long to do, giving you peace of mind during freezing weather, avoiding unwanted and costly repairs.


  • Check the size and location of your water tank
  • Visit your local DIY shop and ask for advice on the best buys
  • Fit the jacket over the tank and seal with tape and plastic sheeting

REMEMBER, tanks in your loft need the heat from below to keep them warm, so don’t insulate the base.



  • Roughly measure the diameter and length of pipes inside and outside your home.
  • Buy lagging from your local DIY shop and cut to the length required.
  • Slip it over the pipes and join the gaps with masking tape.
  • Outside taps
  • Buy an outside tap jacket from your local DIY shop. 


Outside taps


Buy an outside tap jacket from your local DIY shop.