Burst and leaking pipes

A burst or leaking pipe can be a real nuisance, so here are some tips on what to do if you have one in your home.

To minimise any damage:

1. Turn off the water supply

Find and turn off the main stop tap – it should be in the cupboard under your kitchen sink or where the service pipe comes into your home.

2. Drain the cold water system

Turn on all your cold taps to do this. 

3. Turn off water heating systems

Switch off your central heating, immersion heater or any other water heating systems. If you use solid fuel, let this die out. Once it’s shut down, turn on the hot taps to drain the system.

4. Turn off the electrics

Don't touch any wet electrical fittings such as lights, sockets or appliances. Switch off the electricity supply straight away and call an electrician.

5. Release any ceiling water

If water’s been leaking for a while, it may have damaged your ceiling plaster. If you see a bulge in the ceiling, make a hole to release the plaster and water.

6. Check your insurance

Your home policy may cover you for plumbing or heating emergencies; if it does, contact your insurer for assistance.

7. Call a professional to repair the damage

If you need to find a qualified plumbing and/or heating professional, take a look at the online search tool WaterSafe.


It’s always worth checking what insurance you have before an emergency occurs, If your plumbing and drainage isn’t protected, find out more about policies from HomeServe.