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Free water saving home visit

Save bucket loads with a FREE water saving home visit. Want to save money and water? Book a home visit with us and we can help you save up to £40 a year on your water bill.

If you’re on a metered water supply, your water and energy costs will be lower as you’re heating less water. During the visit, our water-saving expert will:

  • provide you personal water saving tips
  • fit water-saving products where possible
  • check for meter leaks 
  • show you where to find your stop tap.


If you’d like a visit, fill in the online form and we’ll call you within the next two working days to arrange an appointment. Or you can call us on 0800 9755 567.


Tenants - if you live in rented accommodation, please get the property owner’s approval before you request water saving products to be fitted.

If you’re a business customer, contact your provider for more information.

Free home visit

Save water and money with a FREE water efficiency home visit.