In the garden

We all love beautiful gardens, but there are ways to use water outdoors without wasting thousands of litres.

Handy gardening tips


Summer is an exciting time to enjoy your garden, with the warmer days, and brighter nights and there’s lots of things you can do to save water in the garden too.

  • Water wisely. Water plants early in the morning or in the evening as they’ll take up water more efficiently.

  • Love your brown lawn. Don’t worry about trying to keep your lawn green over the summer. It will bounce back quickly during the next rainfall.

  • Lavender is a drought tolerant plant. When it’s finished flowering, trim it by one third. The following year, your lavender will come back even better than before.

  • Keep weeds under control. Regular weeding is important, so plants don’t have to fight for precious water.

Sustainable gardening

Your garden practices can help improve water quality, wildlife and your local environment. There are easy ways to adapting to more frequent hotter, drier summers as well as helping the environment by recycling kitchen leftovers or garden waste.

There are many benefits to making your own compost such as improving soil structure and adding extra nutrients for plants. You can use a hot compost system or food digester such as the Green Cone or Green Johanna in your garden. Unlike ordinary compost systems, these will take food waste and small amounts of fat, and help towards preventing pollution caused by blockages from kitchen pipes.