In the garden

We all love beautiful gardens, but there are ways to use water outdoors without wasting thousands of litres.


For example, you don’t need to water your lawn if it’s brown. A good downpour will soon bring it back to life. And poking with a garden fork in the autumn improves drainage. Adding an organic matter to your borders and beds in Spring and Autumn will increase nutrients and moisture, and topping with a mulch will retain these for longer.

Water saving garden kit 

To help you get started, we've a wonderful water saving garden kit which you can order now. Only 1 kit per household can be ordered.


Sustainable gardening

Your garden practices can help improve water quality, wildlife and your local environment by adapting to more frequent hotter, drier summers. Follow us on the Potting Shed Club on Facebook to get lots of tips and inspiration on how to create a sustainable garden that needs little water but can still be buzzing with wildlife and vibrant colours.


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