In the garden

We all love to have beautiful green gardens but it's important to think about how we can garden responsibly to save water, protect our environment, enhance local wildlife and to make sure we have enough for future generations.


Your small actions make a big difference, so why not explore some of the ways to save water in the garden and plant more sustainably. Using our water saving garden kit, our handy tools and top tips can save you time, money and water.


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Re-use and store

•You can reuse water from around the house such as water bottles and washing up bowls to water your garden 
•Did you know that collecting rainwater in a water butt can fill up a watering can 27 times for free? Simply install water butts or leave out a few containers to collect rain to use in dry spells 
•You can find out more, and even buy, eco-friendly garden products, designed to save you water and money here.

Caring for your soil

•Adding mulch to new plants wood chip or bark lets the rain through and reduces soil evaporation.  Keeping water in and weeds out.
•By using good quality peat free compost with a slow-release fertiliser, it will retain water for beds and borders and provide valuable ecosystems for plants and animals to thrive in your garden. 
•Home composting is the most environmentally-friendly way of dealing with kitchen waste.  

Healthy Lawns

•Longer lawns mean deeper roots making them more drought resilient, so try raising those mower blades to avoid brown patches. 
•Your grass can also cope in those dryer spell, but if you can't wait till the next spout of rain, water your lawn early morning or later at night to minimise water loss through evaporation.  

•Changing your mowing routine and allowing plants to flower in the month of May can create enough nectar for ten times more bees and other pollinators. You’re also more likely to spot a greater variety of flowers popping up in your garden.  

Top tips for your plants

•To create an earth-friendly garden, try choosing plants like Lavender, Allium or Agapanthus – they need less water and are great for wildlife, especially bees
•Remove any weeds you can, as they use water that your other plants can soak up.
•Put saucers under plant pots so water doesn’t run away – which also helps reduce the time spent watering.
•Did you know a garden hose uses 5 times more water than a watering can? – that’s around 150 litres of water! Try and use a watering can where possible to save those extra drops. 

Sustainable gardening

How you look after your garden can help improve your local wildlife and environment. There are easy ways to adapt to more frequent, hotter, drier summers. By planting sustainably you can help create a greener future for your garden, and our region.


How Anglian Water are saving water 

Your garden needs a lot of love and care – and the same goes for our water. Whilst you’re hard at work in the garden, we’re working non-stop to make sure there’s enough water for everyone for both today and tomorrow. Find out how we’re saving and sourcing water responsibly here

There are many benefits to making your own compost such as improving soil structure and adding extra nutrients for plants. You can use a hot compost system or food digester such as the Green Cone or Green Johanna in your garden. Unlike ordinary compost systems, these will take food waste and small amounts of fat, and help towards preventing pollution caused by blockages from kitchen pipes.