Stamford sewer relining

We have invested £450k in an essential project in Stamford.

From the 06 April 2021, we are starting crucial work to reline and improve 450 meters of our sewer pipes on and around St Leonards Street.

This work is expected to last 7 weeks and will ensure that thousands of customers in and around Stamford can continue to use their taps and flush their toilets without a second thought. By completing this work we are avoiding having to complete further extensive work should the sewer collapse. Please click here to see which sewers we will be relining.

Project overview

When sewage flows through pipes it releases a gas called Hydrogen Sulphide, this turns into Sulphuric Acid which slowly eats into the concrete and damages the pipes.

Our engineers have designed a solution which allows us to refurbish the pipe without having to dig up and replace the entire pipeline, which would cause a much higher level of disruption to residents and road users.

To date we have already relined 2 sections of the sewer to the west of St Leonards Street, with a further 5 sections to reline. We will be relining the sewers using a specialist fibreglass liner inflated by air and cured in place with ultra violet lights; this creates a pipe within a pipe and will prolong the life of the sewer for approximately 50 years!

To complete this work, we need to use an over ground pipe to divert sewage flows while we work. This will be constructed on St Leonards Street from a manhole outside the hairdressers on the corner of St Leonard’s Street/St George’s Street to the manhole outside the Zen Chinese Takeaway, with a pipe bridge to allow access to the car park. Click here to see an example that we used in Peterborough.

Programme overview

Due to the nature of our work the following dates can change, please continue to visit our website to view updates on the scheme, we will also ensure that we make contact with affected residents to inform you of any changes in our plans.

Dates Details
05- 19 April 2021
  • Mobilisation of the site compound located within St Leonards Car Park and site set up including installation of the over ground pipes on St Leonards Street.
  • Road closure and one-way system implemented on St Leonards Street. Diversion route is shown on the enclosed map; diversion 1.
19 - 21 April 2021
  • Relining of the sewers between Asembo and the roundabout.
  • Temporary 2-way traffic lights will be in place at the roundabout junction with Brazenose Lane.
20- 22 April 2021
  • Relining of sewers on Priory Road, between the roundabout and Cherryholt road.
  • Temporary road closure implemented while we work. Diversion route is shown on the enclosed map; diversion 2.
26 April - 02 May 2021
  • Relining of the sewers between Burghley Vets and Asembo.
  • Relining of sewers on Uffington Road opposite Mole Country Stores.
  • Temporary 2-way traffic lights will be in place while we work on Uffington road.
03 -21 May 2021
  • Removal of over ground pipes and de-assembly of site compounds.
22-May 2021
  • St Leonards Street reopen - Scheme complete.


Traffic Management

To ensure the safety of local road users and residents, we will be implementing a one-way system, which means access to St Leonards Street will be via St Georges Street from Marks and Spencer’s end and the current one-way system on St Georges street will be reversed. Please refer to the map which you can see by clicking here, which shows our planned closures, diversions and traffic lights. Footpaths will remain open at all times.


Facts and FAQs

What hours will you be working?

Our normal working hours will be between 07:30 and 18:30.

Once we start work on a section of pipe we cannot stop, this is because the liner needs to be fully cured and customers connection points need to be cut out. Because of this, there may be times when we need to work later than 18:30. We will aim to finish work as early as possible each day to limit disruption to our customers.

We are currently unsure if we will be able to get the refuse truck down the street whilst we work. If this is possible, your bins will be collected as usual. If this is not possible, our team will take your bins to the refuse truck to be emptied and return your bins to your house.

In order to ensure the safety of local road users and residents, we will be closing St Leonards Street and implementing a one-way system which means access to St Leonards Street will be via St Georges Street from Marks and Spencer’s end and the current one-way system on St Georges street will be reversed. In addition to this we have a closure Priory Road.

Please see plans here.

To enable us to install our over ground pipes, we need to temporarily restrict parking along St Leonards Street for the duration of the project (Car Park side). The St Leonards St car park will also be closed to the public for the duration of this work. Therefore, we kindly ask that you arrange alternative parking whilst this project is ongoing.

Yes, they will remain open at all times.

Access will be always maintained for both residents and businesses.

There will be no impact to your water or sewerage service during this work; you can still use water as normal.

There may be some temporary odours while we carry out this important work:

The resin in the felt tube can give off a sweet aromatic odour, similar to a glue type smell. This is not harmful and is generally short lived and most likely to occur in cellars and other low-level rooms. If you do notice a glue type smell while we are doing this work, please open any doors and windows to ventilate the area, flush your toilets and run the cold tap for a short while.

As we need to open the sewer you may also notice a smell of sewage while we complete our work. We apologise in advance for this temporary issue; unfortunately, it is unavoidable as we are working in a live sewer pipe.

You can give us feedback here.

If you have any queries about this work, you can email Alternatively, you can contact our 24/7 customer services helping on 03457 145 145.

Our teams are following the latest Government advice regarding social distancing. As key workers we are continuing to work hard providing one of life’s essential services. Keeping taps flowing, toilets flushing and drains draining. If you’re self-isolating, our teams will take the necessary precautions if we do need to visit you. Our priority is to always keep both you and our colleagues safe. If you want further information on the steps were taking, please click here.

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