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Sewers and drains

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When you’re having a problem with your used water, you’ll quickly want to know what to do and who is responsible for what. And once things have been sorted out, you might want to find out about our Keep It Clear programme and how disposing of used water wisely could help avoid blockages and stop the same happening again.

If sewage flooding has happened to you then our Sewage flooding advice will tell you how we can help.

Has your property been affected by sewage flooding?

If your property has been affected by sewage flooding, please let us know straight away by calling our 24-hour emergency number - 03457 145 145

Who is responsible for the sewer network?

 There are sewers which belong to you, called private sewers. Sewers which belong to us are called public sewers. And then there are highway drains and gulleys which belong to the council.

What’s ours

In most cases we are responsible for the large sewers which are normally under the road or pavement. Due to a change in law on 1st October 2011 the sections of sewers and pipe you share with your neighbours, and pipes outside of your property boundary which connect to our existing network became our responsibility. These diagrams help explain the recent changes.

If you think one of our sewers is blocked please call us any time of day or night on 03457 145 145 and we’ll arrange for a sewer technician to come and check it out.
• If it's in a public sewer – that’s one owned by Anglian Water - we will clear the pipe
• If the problem is in your drain or private sewer - you will need to pay for an independent drain clearing company to do the work for you.

What’s yours

Pipes that are situated within your property boundary (such as beneath your house, garden and driveway), and which take away the flows from only your property to the point where they connect to pipework serving another property. These diagrams help explain.

What’s the Council’s

If blocked highway drains and road gullies are causing surface water flooding they will need to be checked out by the Highways Authority. You can find a contact number for your County Council highways department in the phone book or online.

Environment Agency

For simple advice on what to do before, during and after flooding in bad weather, call the Environment Agency’s 'Floodline' on 0345 988 1188 (please refer to EA's website for call charge details).


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