Primary resources

Water is our most precious resource and we all have a responsibility to look after it. To help support learning about water in schools and community groups we have a range of free downloadable resources, covering everything from the water cycle to how to look after the water in our environment.

 Water recycling process leaflet

Downloadable poster showing an overview of the water recycling process.


Students work booklet Activities for students to develop their understanding of Anglian Water and how they fit into the natural water cycle.


Keep it clear activity sheet KS1

Fun activity sheet to help prevent blockages.


Keep it clear Key Stage 2 activity booklet KS2

Activities to educate children how to prevent blockages.


Water efficiency worksheet KS1 PDF

Save water, it matters - find out how to save water at home.


Water efficiency Key Stage 2 booklet

Educate children about the importance of water with fun activities on how they can save water in the home and garden.


Wee chart

Water for health – are you drinking enough water? A simple chart to print and stick on your toilet wall to see if you’re drinking enough water to keep your brain and body working.


Resource packs

Growing for the future

Explore our Growing for the future pack where your pupils can create their own sustainable water gardens to grow their own fruit and veg. We’ll advise what to plant and how to create a sustainable garden that needs little water.


School water audit

This free water audit pack can help you and your students, reduce water use at school. It’s particularly useful if you’re working on the Eco Schools water topic and will help you  achieve your Green Flag. The audit supports the creation of a water school action plan, collecting data on your school’s water use and involving your community.

Our Eco Schools Resources page can help you achieve Eco Schools awards. 


Make rain happy

Our make rain happy pack is a free online resource that highlights the impact more people and growing towns have on the local environment and  looks at sustainable ways to return rain water back into the water cycle.


It provides:


  • an introduction to Sustainable Drainage Solutions (SuDS) and their importance in helping to protect our environment
  • what we’re doing at Anglian Water to help prevent flooding
  • class challenges to understand SuDS
  • top tips and activities to help you include SuDS features in your home, school or community


Water efficiency - Drop 20


With increasing demand for water and the adverse  effects of climate change, it’s vital children are taught about the importance of using water wisely.  


Drop 20 reaches out to children and young people and enhances their learning. It includes: exploring what a drought actually is and the environmental impact of using more water than we need to.


Assembly pack

Ready-to-use PowerPoint assembly presentation with key messages and images for the Drop 20 campaign. For teacher support and follow-up ideas, see the assembly delivery notes and teachers’ guidance notes.


Assembly delivery notes

Step-by-step guide on delivering the PowerPoint presentation. For further teacher support and follow-up ideas, see the teachers’ guidance notes.


Reward certificates


Ready-made certificates to reward children on their Drop 20 success or other waterwise efforts.


Key Stage 1 resources

KS1 teachers’ guidance notes

Includes film and assembly follow-ups, lesson ideas, family learning suggestions and curriculum links.


Did you know? 1 

Simple explanations about the causes of drought and how water’s stored before it gets to our homes.


Did you know? 2

Explanations about some of the steps Anglian Water takes to manage drought and how even the youngest children can help.


Activity sheet 1 – water watchers track game

A simple board game to colour and play. Can be used in the classroom and/or taken home for families to play together.


Activity sheet 2 – start right now!

This illustrated seven-day diary enables children to  record how they’re  using water more efficiently.


Activity sheet 3 – watery numbers

Simple calculations for children to add up the amount of water used around the home.


Key Stage 2 resources

KS2 teachers guidance notes

Includes film and assembly follow-ups, lesson ideas, family learning suggestions and curriculum links.


Did you know? 1

Summary of key points to reinforce learning about drought.


Did you know? 2

Summary of key points to reinforce learning about how to do our bit to be more water efficient.


Activity sheet 1 – water watcher or water waster?

A simple track game for children to complete, colour and play together with friends and family. Includes bonus and forfeit cards to reinforce learning.


Activity sheet 2 – how much water?

This activity involves the children calculating their family’s water use over one week and sharing top tips to cut down water usage.


Activity sheet 3 – start right now!

Children keep track of their Drop 20 daily target and record simple ways to use water more efficiently around the home.