Anglian Water installs new sewer pipe to connect new homes in Watton

01 May 2024


Anglian Water’s @one Alliance will be installing 3.8km of new sewer pipes to serve new homes in Watton, ensuring new residents can use their taps and flush their toilets without a second thought.

The project will also see upgrades to the local pumping station and represents an investment of £2.3 million into the sewer network, will begin this month and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

When new homes are built, Anglian Water has a duty to connect them to its water and sewerage network, all while ensuring that new and existing residents plus the local environment continue to be protected.

The water company will be laying the new sewer pipe from Thetford Road to Watton's Water Recyling Centre (WRC). To serve these new homes, the water company will be using a technique called directional drilling, which will enable the team to insert pipes underneath the ground without having to dig up large sections – causing less disruption and reducing their carbon footprint.

Becky Housden, Customer Experience Coordinator for the project said: “We’re delighted to be able to deliver this project for the residents of Watton. Not only will it protect existing residents’ services, but it will also protect the area from flooding and pollutions in future. We would like to thank customers for their patience while we’re working in the area.”

During the work, some traffic management will be needed to keep engineers, residents and road users safe. Due to the nature of these works these dates may change.

More information, traffic management and updates about the work can be found here.