Anglian Water launches five-point plan for innovation acceleration

11 March 2022


Anglian Water has today set out how it is accelerating innovation across the organisation to respond to some of the biggest challenges facing the region.


The company’s five-point plan for innovation acceleration, the latest in a series, highlights the importance of innovation throughout the business and its supply chain, rather than as something which happens in dedicated pockets.


Operating in the driest region in the country, the company anticipates water shortfalls as early as 2025 without significant action. Yet at the same time, the region’s low-lying geography and changing rainfall patterns are leading to increased risk of flooding. The escalating climate crisis is already evident in the East of England, underlining the need to find novel methods of mitigating climate change, and adapting to its impacts.


As one of the biggest energy users in the East of England, the region’s water company committed in 2019 alongside the whole water industry to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2030, twenty years ahead of government targets. Population growth also poses a challenge for the business, with 175,000 new homes anticipated in the company’s region by 2025.


The plan sets out how the company plans to face these challenges. It outlines Anglian Water’s track record, current work and ambitions on innovation across five key areas:

·      Reaching net zero by 2030

·      Delivering healthy rivers

·      Futureproofing water resources

·      Cutting leakage and optimising infrastructure

·       Adapting to climate change and building resilience to its impacts.


Lindsey Taylor, Head of Innovation Engagement at Anglian Water, said: “We firmly believe that innovation is for everyone – and that means getting everyone across the business, and our supply chain partners, thinking differently.


“Innovation is more important than ever in the face of challenges such as mitigating and adapting to the climate crisis, or safeguarding and enhancing rivers. Luckily, we’re also working at an exciting time for innovation, with initiatives like Ofwat’s Innovation Fund central to driving unprecedented levels of collaboration and new solution across the industry.”


The plan sets out how the company intends to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology and ways of working as businesses build back from the impacts of Covid-19 and face increasing impacts from climate change. It sits alongside 2020’s Green Recovery Plan, and 2021’s Community Recovery Plan, which outlined the company’s journeys for environmental and social recovery from the pandemic.


Read Anglian Water’s five-point plan for innovation acceleration here.