Investing now to tackle future water shortages

19 March 2019


Today the Environment Agency chief executive James Bevan warned that England could face severe water shortages in the next 25 years if action is not taken now.

The comments came in a speech at the annual Waterwise conference – read the full story here.

Responding to the news Anglian Water spokesperson Regan Harris said: “Although this isn’t a cause for immediate alarm, it is good to see that this issue is being nationally recognised.  


“These are the challenges we face – a rapidly growing population (200,000 new homes by 2025) and the pressures of a changing climate, in what is already the driest part of the UK.


“That’s why at Anglian Water we’re investing now, to keep taps running in the future, because it’s the responsible thing to do.


“Our five year business plan to 2025 is our most ambitious yet. Over the next five years we are investing £500m in new pipelines to move water around the region better, smart meters to help people manage their own water use and more staff and technology to reduce leaks in the network by a further 22%.


“We need to act now, not doing so would be irresponsible – that’s exactly what our business plan proposes.”


The Anglian Water Business plan 2020-2025 was informed by conversations with 500,000 customers. You can read more about it at