Water meters

Why switch to a meter?
Switching to a meter makes saving money and water simple. Almost 90% of our customers already have a water meter, so they only ever pay for what they use and not a penny more.

We also live in one of the UK's driest regions, and our water is precious. Small steps to save water will help protect it for our communities, businesses, and the environment.
Most customers have saved on average £150 by switching, and having a meter gives you access to a range of Tariffs.

Find out if you’re eligible today for WaterSure, Lite or AquaCare Plus.

Switchback Guarantee
If you decide being on metered charges isn’t for you, you can switch back anytime in the first two years and we’ll guarantee you wont pay more than your unmeasured charges during this period. If you have the meter fitted alongside a successful application for either Watersure, Aquacare Plus, LITE or extra LITE if in the future you revert to our standard tariff, you’ll have two years from that point to decide if you want to switchback.
Register your interest
Register online for a water meter here. Once you’ve let us know you’re interested, we'll be in touch to talk about the next steps.
Step 1 – We’ll call to arrange an appointment
Step 2 – Our team will check to see if a meter can be fitted
Step 3 – we’ll fit your meter and put you in control of what you use
You can also call us on 03457 919 155 to book your appointment, and It’s all completely free.


What happens next?
We'll call you back and arrange a time to carry out a survey to find the best place to fit your meter. This is normally outside in the footpath. While one of our experts are there, they’ll also give you free equipment, tips and advice to save water in your home to help you save more money on your bills.
If we can't find a suitable place outside, our plumber or member of our dig team will arrange a further visit to prepare an area for the meter; if this happens, we'll make good the area once the ground has settled.
What if I can’t have a meter fitted?
It doesn’t happen very often but if we can’t find the right location for your meter, then you will be eligible for Assessed Measured charges. We’ll ask some questions about your usage, number of people in your household to work out the best way to help you save money.