How to make a complaint

We want to provide you with the best possible experience and if we don't get things right we will do everything we can to resolve it.

We want to hear from you if you think our service has fallen below its usual standards.


When you contact us with a complaint we aim to respond within 7 working days and in many cases we’ll respond a lot sooner but if we can’t answer your issue without carrying out further investigations we’ll let you know. If we don’t get back to you within a maximum of 10 working days we’ll credit your account with £20.

We keep a record of all the complaints we get and use them to improve our service for the future. We also monitor satisfaction levels of customers who have raised a complaint and aim to achieve a minimum of 90% satisfaction levels. Reports on the different types of complaints we receive, and the satisfaction levels, are continually updated and reviewed. The records are also monitored and audited independently.


Your views will help us to put things right and make future improvements.


Our simple procedure below explains how to make a complaint and how we will ensure it is dealt with promptly.


Stage One:

The first stage is to contact us on 03452 665 841 and speak to one of our friendly team.  


If we’re unable to deal with your complaint when you first contact us or we need to do further investigation, we aim to reply to you within seven working days from the date we receive your complaint.


We aim to resolve your complaint at this stage but if you are not happy you can take it to stage two.


Stage Two:

The next stage is to ask for your complaint to be reviewed. Contact our Customer Relations team and your complaint will be escalated.


In the unlikely event we’ve still been unable to resolve the matter, you can take your complaint to stage three.


Stage Three:

If your complaint was not resolved at stage two or within eight weeks, you can ask CCW - the voice for water consumers to help you. This independent body that represents customer interests and complaints will investigate.


If CCW is unable to resolve it, you can take your complaint to the next and final stage.


Stage Four:

The final stage is to take your complaint to WATRS, the Water Redress Scheme.


They will provide an independent and binding decision.