Never still, never stop

Water is our business, but there is so much more we do for the people, communities and environment we look after.

We supply 4.3 million households with some of the highest quality drinking water in the UK.

Each and every day, we’re working round the clock to find new and better ways to look after you and your water.

We do it because we love every drop. We are never still and we never stop relentlessly searching for innovative ways to protect our region and help towards a more sustainable future.

It’s what makes our people different, all 4,000 of them.

You might be surprised what we get up to, no two days ever look the same.


From protecting wildlife and biodiversity, to cleaning beaches, teaching kids and generating renewable sources of energy to power our operations.


Water meters, unblocking pipes, spotting leaks, cleaning water – you name it, we do it.


We supply over 1 billion litres of water a day. And we take care of over 3,300km worth of rivers. That’s only the beginning.


Read more about what we do here.

Every drop of water is precious, especially in one of the driest areas in the country, so we believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to look after it.


Want to help us on our quest to Love Every Drop. Try simply turning off the tap when you brush your teeth or shortening your shower by just 1 minute.


That’s enough to save water for 80 cups of tea! So why not pop the kettle on and apply for a water meter while you’re at it? Here’s some other ways you can help.