Love Every Drop

Long-term access to secure supplies of water is one of the biggest environmental and economic challenges we and the world face today. It’s not an issue we can put off which is why we want to lead the way in raising awareness about how essential water is to life, people, the environment and economy.

Love Every Drop is our strategy to put water at the heart of a whole new way of living. Taken together with our 12 ambitious business goals, it will help safeguard future water supplies.

We’re working with water users across our region - housing developers, retailers, manufacturers, government representatives and you, our customers - learning from each other and investigating new ways to supply and use water sustainably.

Find out more about how you can help us Love Every Drop.

A while back we changed the name of our Wastewater Services business unit to Water Recycling Services.

Why Water Recycling?

By referring to ‘water recycling’ rather than ‘waste water’, we hope to change perceptions about water use. No water is ‘waste’ water, it’s a precious resource we borrow, use, clean and carefully recycle, again and again.


It’s all part of our Love Every Drop strategy – if we can change the relationship we all have with water, we’re likely to use it more responsibly and efficiently. 


Everyday 927 million litres of used water flushes through 76,200km of sewers to 1,119 water recycling centres. We collect and treat used water from 2.44 million households and over 110,000 businesses.


We also have a Keep It Clear campaign as part of our commitment to reduce sewer blockages - find out more here.