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Approved plumber / contractor

Need a plumber?


If you're looking for a plumber, we recommend you take a look at WaterSafe.


What is WaterSafe?


  • WaterSafe is a free online search facility funded by the water industry to help customers find competent and qualified plumbers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
  • It is a national accreditation body which checks and approves businesses and their plumbers to give customers reassurance about the tradesmen undertaking work for them.
  • WaterSafe aims to raise plumbing standards by helping customers find the nearest qualified plumbing and heating professionals.  
  • To find out more about WaterSafe or to search for a plumbing business in your area, visit watersafe.

Be safe, be WaterSafe (pdf, 0.56MB) - Information leaflet produced by WaterSafe

What are the benefits of using approved plumbers/contractors?

  • They are fully qualified to carry out plumbing work in homes and business premises. 
  • They have specific training in Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws to ensure there should be no risk of poor installation or sub-standard materials that could cause contamination to your drinking water supply.
  • They will issue a compliance certificate for their work, which provides a defence for property owners who are challenged by a water supplier enforcing the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws.
  • They will be required to put their work right if it does not meet the requirements of the Water Fittings Regulations or Byelaws, enforced by the water supplier.
  • Should a concern arise, there is an independent complaints procedure in place to resolve any technical disputes about how the work has been carried out.
  • For most types of plumbing work, plumbers have a legal duty to notify the water supplier before they start work and this can lead to delays.
  • Approved plumbers are audited to check they are complying with the rules of their Approved Plumber scheme. 
  • Approved plumbers hold public and employee liability insurance.
  • Approved sectored contractors will not be required to notify us each time you propose to undertake work in one of the sectored areas.

  • They must pass a Water Regulations assessment test in order to achieve their approved status and demonstrate a highly competent knowledge

  • They are audited by our dedicated team of Water Regulation specialists.

Plumbers/Sectored contractors can find more details and how to apply to be registered on the APLUS scheme on the following pages.