Requisition of a public sewer

If your site has no means of drainage to an existing public sewer due to third party land, you can requisition (formally request) a new public sewer. This means we can provide both foul and surface water sewers to serve the site.

Apply to formally request a public sewer or public lateral drain


The 'Developer delivered requisition of sewer or public lateral drain' application form which is on our online portal InFlow, should be used to requisition a new public sewer or public lateral drain under Section 98 of the Water Industry Act 1991 and the Water Act 2003 where you propose to design and construct the works under Section 30 of the Anglian Water Authority Act 1977.


If this is not the case and you require Anglian Water to deliver the scheme, please contact our Growth Liaison team or the Drainage Team before completing the form.


Please apply via InFlow using the link on the right hand side.


Need help with your application form or want further information?



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