Sewer adoptions

If you’re constructing sewers as part of a new development, you may wish to seek adoption of the new network that’s installed. Adopting the sewers as public will ensure Anglian Water becomes responsible for their future maintenance and repair. We would be delighted to consider your application for a new sewer adoption and would invite you to engage with us as early as possible. To apply, please visit our InFlow portal and click on Drainage.

Ofwat has now approved the Sewerage Sector Guidance documentation that the sector had previously prepared to meet the requirements of Ofwat's Code for Adoption Agreements. Sewerage Sector Guidance (SSG) was introduced on 1st April 2020 and is now mandatory across the industry. The approved documents can be found on Water UK’s website.

The purpose of the codes for adoption is to drive efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, reducing the time and costs incurred by all parties entering into adoption agreements. A new system of redress and model adoption agreement has also been published.

Please be aware that ‘Sewers for Adoption’ has now been replaced by the ‘Design & Construction Guidance’. Included within is provision for Sewerage Undertakers to adopt SUDs facilities. We strongly encourage developers to contact us to discuss this further, prior to making new applications.

Useful guidance and information

You asked, what we heard

We understand that the adoption process may pose unanswered questions for you. We are happy to respond to all questions individually, please send these to with 'Sewer Adoption Question' in the subject line.

Do you live in a residential area where the sewers are privately owned?     

If you and your neighbours would like us to adopt an existing sewer, you are able to submit an application to us using our online portal InFlow. Please register for an account and click on Drainage to apply for “Adoption of existing sewer”. You will be asked to upload plans and details of the sewers for initial consideration. We will review these details and respond to you confirming which sewers can be progressed further through the adoption process. There are charges associated to this process if adoption of the sewers is possible, please see our charges page for further information.

This service is available to the owner of any private sewer or pumping station who would like to put these forwards for adoption by the water company.


Need help with your application or want further information?


Call: 0345 60 66 087 (08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday)