Monitoring water resources

After we experienced the hottest year on record in 2022, protecting water for the future is more important than ever. We continue to monitor our resources closely, whatever the weather, to ensure appropriate actions are put in place when required. Despite being the driest region in the UK on average, our investment in resilience has meant that no hosepipe bans have been required in recent years. 


Current Status

The overall water resources situation across our region is in a healthy position. On average our reservoirs, rivers and groundwater are all at or above normal levels for the time of year.  


Our Actions 

We live in the driest part of the country, so it makes sense to save water all the time – whatever the weather.

To help save and source a reliable supply of water for the future we’re working to: 

● Reduce our water usage by up to 84 million litres a day

● Invest in the latest technology like drones and fibre optics to find and fix more leaks than ever before

● Roll out our smart meter programme across the region to help customers save at home 


You can learn more about how we prepare for and respond to dry weather and drought by reading our drought plan


Our regional resources

Our local resources 

Locally, the situation may sometimes look different to the region wide picture. We’re the largest water company by geographic area, and because the environments we cover are so different, some areas in our region may experience more challenges than others and react differently to weather conditions.

That’s why we need your help to save water today, to protect our most precious resource for tomorrow. Find out more about how we’re working to source and save water responsibly here.

Please note, Grafham Water levels are lower than usual at this time of year due to planned essential maintenance. The reservoir should return to normal levels ahead of the summer.

The information on this webpage is updated monthly. Last updated – 1st April 2024