Investing in two new reservoirs

We are investing in two new reservoirs – one in Lincolnshire, and another in the Fens in partnership with Cambridge Water.


They will secure a reliable supply of water for the future and create new opportunities for the region to thrive. These new reservoirs will allow us to store the extra water we need for decades to come, so it is always on tap when we need it. They will help protect you from future climate events, including hotter summers and potential future droughts.


And in doing so we will provide new habitats and areas for wildlife.

Reservoirs also create great natural places to explore, and exciting new leisure facilities for people to enjoy. 


Hannah Stanley-Jones, Head of Future Resources Strategy

“Our water supplies are under pressure from climate change, the need to protect the environment, and from a growing population. We will need to supply hundreds of millions more litres of drinking water a day by the 2050s. At Anglian Water we're never still and we never stop. We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to improve and plan for our region’s future prosperity and water supply. In doing so we are confident we will create new places for people to visit and enjoy, economic opportunities for communities and protected habitats for wildlife.”

Everything we do is to bring environmental and social prosperity to the region we serve through our commitment to Love Every Drop from protecting biodiversity, to minimising risks from drought and flooding, to reducing our carbon footprint to become a net zero business. 

We are leading the industry in our approach to managing leakage and will be investing around £1.4 billion in water resources and the environment by 2025.


About our reservoirs in Lincolnshire and the Fens 

Following a thorough and multi-stage site selection assessment process, we have now identified the best performing locations for two proposed new reservoirs in Lincolnshire and the Fens.


Our proposals are at an early stage. We understand the effect on those impacted by our proposals and are committed to working with everyone as the two reservoir projects develop.


Our vision for this project goes beyond just building a reservoir. We want to create a place where water, people and nature come together. We know that regulators and our local and regional partners also want to make sure the reservoir delivers across a whole range of areas. And our customers and communities have been clear in their feedback so far that the reservoir should deliver local benefits, while being developed in a way that is sensitive to people and place. You can read more about how we plan to achieve this shared ambition below:



Our phase one consultation closed on 21 December 2022.


Thank you to everyone who took part – we have carefully reviewed all the feedback received and a summary of what we learned is available on the project websites below.


The summary explains the key themes that arose from the consultation and how we will take them into consideration as the project develops.


Your comments and ideas are a key part of developing the reservoir to minimise, where possible, its impacts, and create benefits for both people and nature.


  • To find out more and stay up to date on our proposals for a new reservoir in Lincolnshire, visit the project website here.


  • To find out more and stay up to date on our proposals for a new reservoir in the Fens and take part in this consultation, visit the project website here.