We’re always going above and beyond to protect and enhance habitats and wildlife across the east of England. It’s in our nature. ​

We know how important it is to you that we protect the places you love exploring. To us, it’s not just a legal requirement. We believe caring for all species and habitats is the right thing to do. That’s why we do everything we can to make sure we're always supporting and protecting our wildlife. ​

We take care of the iconic landscapes we all love too – from the Norfolk Broads and the Brecks, Lincolnshire Wolds to the Rockingham Forest and all the wildlife that co-exists with it. But it doesn’t come without challenges. ​
Here’s just some of the ways we protect and enhance habitats and wildlife:​

  • We own 47 sites (that’s over 146,000 tennis courts!) that are protected by law because they’re teeming with wildlife​
  • All construction projects are carefully planned to avoid and minimise harm to wildlife​
  • Our sites are always surveyed so we know what wildlife we need to protect and enhance​
  • We fund projects on individual species including the osprey and pool frog.


And that’s not all. To help wildlife across the region, we work in partnership with charities and trusts so that we can preserve and strengthen our habitats and wildlife better and faster than working alone. Learn more about our partnerships here.

Many of our sites are managed in part by The Wildlife Trust – learn more about our sites, nature reserves and parks here.​

We’re the biggest water company by geographic area. And the region we serve is mostly rural. This means working with farmers is a vital part of enhancing the water that runs through it. ​

We also understand how important natural capital, like water, soil and biodiversity provide benefits to society. Read more about our Natural Capital Asset Check report which explores how these dependencies impact our environment, helping us to make better decisions and help to protect natural capital around our region.​