How to read your meter

If you’re a metered customer, more than 99 per cent of you will get at least one bill a year based upon a meter reading. 

Although we try to read meters and send bills based on an actual reading, sometimes it’s not possible because the meter’s fitted inside your property or behind locked gates. 

If we estimate your bill, it can sometimes be higher or lower than your actual water usage, particularly if you’ve recently had a meter fitted and there’s no reading history to guide us. If you receive an estimated bill but would like, a bill based on a meter reading, simply send us a meter reading and we’ll re-calculate your bill. 

How to read your meter


Reading your meter’s easy. It’ll either be a standard or digital meter as shown below. Remember to include any zeros on the meter when taking a reading. 


Standard meters

If you have an older style meter, your display will have black digits on a white background. These indicate the cubic metres used and will be what you submit in your reading. Tell us the first five digits only, so in the example shown, the meter reading would be 00158. 

Digital meters

If you have an Elster digital meter, you only need to tell us all the digits in the top row on your screen. So in the example shown, the meter reading would be 000189. 

Sensus meter

For newer Sensus meters, we only need the digits before the comma showing how many cubic metres of water you’ve used, so in this example it’s 000038. Alternative screens may flash from time to time - this is completely normal and indicates your meter’s working correctly. 

How to send us your meter readings 

The easiest way to submit your reading is through MyAccount. You can input your reading, create your own up to date bill, and also change your payment plan all in the click of a button. 

If you’d prefer to speak to someone, you can request a free call back from us, or you can speak to us on 03457 919 155


Used more water than you’d expected? 

You can find information on why your reading might be higher than expected here.


Checking for leaks

Leaks can waste a lot of water if not fixed quickly. If you think you might be using more water because of a leak you can read our advice on how to check for leaks here.