Increased bill?

If you find your bill is higher than you were expecting, we don’t want you to worry.  Money can be a difficult and sensitive subject but we’re here to help in any way we can.  


Why your bill might have increased

There are a few reasons why your bill could be higher than you expected, such as: ​​

  • A change in our water charges - every February we publish our water and sewerage services charges for the coming year online and in your bill. If you have any questions on how these charges may affect your bill or how we can help support you to understand or pay your bill, please visit our tariff and charges webpages or contact our friendly Extra Care support team.​
  • An increase in water usage – find out how you can save water at home and in the garden.
  • Faulty fittings can waste water and increase your usage. Did you know a leak in your toilet could be wasting up to 400 litres a day? If you think your toilet has a leak, check out our useful next steps
  • A new addition to the household - if you do have a child under 12 months, remember you can register for our Priority Services Register.​
  • New appliances, like showers and hot tubs, and any unusual building work can all contribute to extra water use. 
Small swaps to save

You might already be looking to ways to save at home and in the garden. And below are just some of our favourite small swaps to save water, energy, and money:​

  • Keep your showers to 5 mins max – every minute uses 11 litres of water​
  • Using the eco setting on appliances can save up to 20% in energy by using less power to heat the water ​
  • Washing your clothes on a full load will save 10 litres of water every wash​

Explore more top tips to save here.​

You can also take control of your water usage with MyAccount. Simply log in today to track your usage, submit readings and generate an up-to-date bill so you only pay for the water the use - log in now or register. ​

Understand more about your bill


Your water bill isn’t just about paying for safe, clean water to be delivered to your home. It also helps us invest in innovative projects and solutions to ensure a sustainable supply of water to customers across our region for the future, while protecting and enhancing the environment. You can understand more about your bill here.