Drinking water advice

Did you know our tap water is among the safest and highest quality in the world? Before it gets to your tap, your drinking water goes through a rigorous process:

cleaned: dirt and debris is taken out

disinfected: harmful bacteria are removed

tested: your water passes quality standards.

However, sometimes water can get contaminated within your home. In this section, we give you some practical tips on how to keep your drinking water at its very best – sparkling clean and healthy.

If you discover a problem with the quality of your tap water, the answer could be just a few clicks away! Our self-diagnosis tool can help you find the best advice for any concerns or questions you may have regarding your tap water. 

Hard Water

Hard water is a geographic issue, and many people in the country will experience it. It's perfectly safe and can even be good for our health. Find out how hard your water is by using our postcode checker, or visit our hard water page for tips on how to get the best out of living in a hard water region.


Recovering drinking water supplies in buildings and networks after reduced use due to Covid pandemic.


The restrictions placed on business and people due to Coronavirus left many premises either closed or with reduced staff. The pace of change meant that many drinking water systems were left stagnant, or subject to reduced usage, over this period.


This note provides guidance to building owners, landlords and managers and to those who operate “Refill” schemes as to the steps necessary to restore their drinking water systems.