When water leaves our treatment works, it’s lead free. But it can end up in your tap water if water’s left standing in old lead pipework around your home. Find out how to check for lead pipes and what to do if you find them.


Quick check list

  • I think I may have lead pipework in my property or underground.
  • My house was built before 1970.
  • My pipework is dull grey or black or has a swollen joint.
  • I’m worried about the health risks of lead in drinking water.
  • I or my partner is pregnant and drinking the water.
  • Young children are drinking the water.

Get a grant


Low-income households could get financial support to replace lead pipework. Ask your local council.


Top tip


If you run off any water from your taps, don’t waste it, collect and use for watering houseplants or in the garden.


If you’re a business customer, contact your provider for more information.