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Priority services register

We make sure people on our Priority Service Register get the practical support they need. It’s completely free, and once they’ve signed up, they can stay on it for as long as they like.

We can help a really wide range of people who need us, with a wide range of practical support.

Who we can help


People who need temporary support

We can support you when experiencing life changes, such as bereavement, divorce, job loss and recovering from hospital treatment through our time to breathe service as well as look at the best tariff for you.

People reliant on medical equipment

If you receive home dialysis or any other form of automated medication you'll receive personal updates when your supply will be interrupted as far in advance as possible and provide support during major interruptions.

People with children under 12 months

If you have young children we'll contact you as a priority if there is a problem with your water supply.

People with sight, hearing or speech impairments

If you're blind or partially sighted, deaf, have a hearing or speech impairment we can send your bills in alternative formats or send your bill to a friend or relative.

People with restricted mobility or a disability

If you or someone you care for has a physical impairment, or restricted mobility we can help with reading your meter and support you via our knock and wait service.

People with a serious or long term illness

We can look at the best ways to support you managing your account with us and make sure you're a priority during an incident, if you or someone in your household is living with a serious or long term illness.

Mental health

1 in 6 people experience a mental health problem. We all struggle at times which can have an impact on finances. We want to help and have a number of ways you can speak to us including telephone, email and live chat where we'll work with you to provide the right support.


We understand providing unpaid care can have an effect on your stress levels and financial situation. We can check you're on the best tariff as well as look at flexible payment options. If you're caring for someone who doesn't live in your home you can register them for our Priority Services Register too.

People who have difficulty with understanding and communication

We can look at a number of ways to support you, from having someone call you to talk through your bill or we could arrange a home visit to talk in person. You can also choose for a friend or relative to help manage your account.


How we can help


Your energy provider's register

Our region’s energy distributors, UK Power Networks and Western Distribution also have a priority services register. If you think you may need extra help during a power cut due to being medically dependent on electricity, elderly or disabled or if you have specific communication needs you can find out about their Priority Service Register:


If you're not sure who your network operator is you can find out here.