Advice for boat owners

We recognise that finding local marina and harbour pump-out facilities can be difficult and not all boats have holding tanks. However, by making a few small changes when using your boat, you can help protect the bathing waters and shellfish beds around our region.

Did you know?

Sewage pollution leaves bacteria in our coastal waters, posing a potential health risk to people who use the water for activities such as swimming and diving. Raw sewage also reduces the amount of oxygen available for sea life, including fish and invertebrates.

How to do your bit

  1. plan ahead - use onshore facilities before and after your trip whenever possible, rather than on-board toilets
  2. use your holding tank – if you have one, but only discharge at a marina, a harbour pump-out facility or more than 12 nautical mails offshore.
  3. Ask for more facilities - let your local marina/harbour authority know you’d use sewage pump-out equipment if it was there.
  4. Use a portable chemical toilet – but plan ahead where to empty it as it uses toxic substances that only a few pump-out facilities accept. Never empty into drains.
Pump-out facilities

Find out more about the bathing waters and pump-out facilities in our region.

You can find pump-out facilities close to you here.

Ensure you contact and are given permission to use these facilities prior to use.