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We’re all looking for ways to save at the moment but many of us don’t realise that almost 40% of all the water we use at home is in the shower. That’s why having shorter showers not only helps reduce your water usage, but also the amount of energy you're using to heat the water as well.


Take the shorter shower challenge and set your timer to just 5 minutes max a day. Showering for just one minute less saves around 10 litres of water and around £8 in energy costs per year - this could help save each household an over 28,000 litres of water and £100 in energy and water every year.


Also, cutting our showers to just 5 minutes could save our region nearly 200m litres of water every day - that's like leaving the tap running for 60 years. And why not use our ultimate shower playlist it’s packed with songs that are around 5 minutes long. It’s perfect for powering through a quick and efficient shower, saving water and energy.


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Shower quiz

Find out if you have the lather, rinse and repeat down to a fine science and whether you're a savvy water saver, conscious about how much water you use. You'd be surprised what your showering habits say about you. Take the ultimate test to find out!  ​

'In the bathroom' tips​
70% of water usage is 'in the bathroom' so have a look at some of the other ways you can save water here. 


You can read our substantiation disclaimer here, which showcases all the shorter shower challenge figures, including how we calculated estimated water usage, energy costs and more.


Shower Personality Test

Taking a shower is one of the most common activities we do – using 55% of a person’s water use every day.


Do you multi-task in the shower or maybe you get lost in the moment as a day dreamer? 


Find out what your shower habits reveal about your personality by taking our ultimate quiz and see if you can take on our shorter shower challenge.

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