We know that lots has changed over the last few years and it's more important than ever to try and save money on bills. Which is why we're bringing back our popular free water saving kits to help you save in the bathroom.


Around 12% of most households' total energy bills is used by heating water, so using less hot water during showers means using less energy as well. Why not take the shorter shower challenge to save and Order your water saving kit today!


What's included in your kit:

Digital shower timer

Three quarters (77%) of UK showerers already take showers instead of baths to save water, but did you know that a 10 minute shower uses the same amount of water as filling a bathtub? If we all cut our showers to just 5 minutes, our region could save nearly 200m litres of water every day - that's like leaving the tap running for over 60 years. Order your kit and set the timer for 5 minutes max.

Save-a-flush bag

Place the bag in the bottom of the cistern underneath the flush float. Wait 6 hours. Then start saving! Our bag will save you 1 litre of water every flush. Please only use these for older single flush toilets – they cannot be used on dual flush.

Leaky Loo tablets

A leak in your toilet could be wasting up to 400 litres a day! It isn't always easy to spot, so simply drop a tablet from your water saving kit in the toilet cistern to see if you have any water leaking around your toilet. There's no mess and the dye will disappear in a few flushes. If you do find your toilet has a leak, check out our useful next steps.​

At Anglian Water, we're committed to saving and sourcing water sustainably. Find out more about how we save water and how you can join us in protecting the environment for future generations.