Nature friendly gardening

Keeping your plants healthy is the best way to prevent pest and disease problems. But despite our best efforts, the weather can encourage a sudden increase in pest numbers and some diseases can still blow in.


The power of nature 

There are many natural ways to keep pests at bay whilst still making sure your garden or allotment is wildlife friendly.  And this helps the birds, frogs and hedgehogs that feast on slugs and snails, the birds of prey that control rodent numbers and the ladybird and lacewing larvae that patrol the greenhouse on the lookout for tasty aphids!

Explore more chemical free ways of gardening on the RHS website


When using 'off the shelf' chemical treatments, it’s important that these garden chemicals are stored correctly and used responsibly, not only for your safety as a user, but also to minimise risk to other people, pets and wildlife. Heavy rain or even over-watering can carry excess fertiliser and pesticides from your garden into the ground water, local streams, ponds and rivers where they can cause serious risks to the environment. 


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