Wildlife and sustainability

Sustainability and caring for the environment is at the heart of everything we do at Anglian Water, and we hope the following tips will inspire you to care for the wildlife living in your garden.


Let nothing go to waste

Using your kitchen scraps to make homemade compost is also a win for garden biodiversity. Worms, woodlice and slugs all feed on the decomposing material and these in turn provide food for birds, hedgehogs, toads and other valuable wildlife. Explore more ways you can help keep the pipes clear in your home. 

Plant sustainably​

There are lots of drought tolerant plant varieties which will look beautiful in your garden whilst requiring a lot less water. Some of our favourites include Coneflower, Catmint, Yarrow and Globe Thistle. The Royal Horticultural Society has a great page listing out lots of different drought tolerant plant varieties. 


Help wildlife thrive ​

To create a nature friendly garden, try choosing plants like Lavender, Allium or Agapanthus – they need less water and are great for wildlife, especially bees. Another easy way to turn your garden into more of a wildlife haven is to simply let your grass grow. In doing so, you’ll allow for native grasses and plants to appear which can easily survive solely on rainwater and dew, allowing you to let nature run its course whilst still enjoying a beautiful garden, and in return for your commitment to the longer grass cause, you’ll be rewarded with: