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Where will I find my stop tap?

Internal stop tap

Your internal stop tap is usually found near to the point where your water supply pipe enters your home. 

The location can vary depending on the style and age of your property but the most common places to find it is:

  • under the kitchen sink
  • kitchen cupboard
  • bathroom
  • WC, cloakroom
  • garage/utility room
  • cellar
  • under the stairs

Internal stop taps aren’t used very often so it’s important that you know where it is and check it regularly to make sure it is working properly just in case you need to turn the water off in an emergency. 

To allow water to flow into the pipes in your home, turn the stop tap in an anti clockwise direction until it's fully open, then turn back a quarter of a turn to prevent it from seizing up.

If you don’t have a stop tap or it isn’t working properly, we recommend that you contact a plumber and arrange for a new one to be installed as soon as possible. 

Take a look at WaterSafe for a list of approved plumbers in your area. 

Illustration showing where to find your stop taps

External stop taps form part of our water distribution system. 

It’s normally found in the footpath, verge or just inside your property boundary under a plastic or metal cover or in your meter chamber. You may need a stop tap key to open it.

External stop taps are used for turning off the water during a water leak or if you’re unable to find or operate your internal stop tap.

If you’re unsure where your external stop tap is and your property is a similar design to your neighbours, it’s always worth asking if they know where theirs is because they will often be in the same place.

In some cases one external stop tap will serve a number of properties (shared supply).This is often the case with older terraced properties, always let your neighbours know if you are going to turn their supply off too.

If you have any problems operating the external stop tap please get in touch as soon as possible.

You can find more about finding and operating your stop taps in our checking for water leaks video.


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