Pressure management

We don’t just fix leaks, we try to stop them before they happen. This is why pressure management is so important as high pressure in water mains can lead to leaks and bursts.


What is water pressure management?

It's making sure the water pressure in the pipes is suitable for everyday use and not at a level that causes a leak or burst. Since 2010, we've invested over £3 million to improve water pressure management and as a result, we’ve reduced the number of burst water mains by 80% and smaller leaks by 40%.

We’re helping to save the equivalent of 30 full buckets of water every second – something that’s vital in our drier-than-average region. 

Water pressure in your pipes will depend on:

  • the local geography
  • the length of the pipe bringing water from the nearest reservoir or storage point to your property
  • how high above sea level the reservoir is compared to your property and
  • how much water is being used by you and your neighbours at the same time.

Benefits of water pressure management:

  • pipes last longer
  • water supplies are more reliable with fewer interruption
  • less  need for excavation work to repair broken mains
  • you save on water and energy costs
  • lower leakage rates
  • we all save precious water.

See if we're planning a pressure management scheme near you.

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