Whether it’s to brush our teeth or make the first cuppa of the day, water is a vital part of our lives. At Anglian Water, we take all water leaks seriously and appreciate your help in reporting them. 


By reporting a water leak, you’re playing a crucial role in saving water and protecting the environment. We’ll investigate the issue and take swift action to try and resolve it as quick as possible.


Before reporting a leak

Before you report a leak please check if we already know about it.


Report a water leak to our dedicated team

If you spot a leak, please tell us where we can find it: 


Online via a quick and easy map
•Or by calling our free 24/7 leakline number – 0800 771 881


Once you’ve reported the leak, our team will receive your information and prioritise the investigation and repair of the reported leak. Some repairs can take longer than others. We may need to work closely with the council or local authorities to make sure we fix it safely.