High pressure in water mains can lead to leaks and bursts. That’s why we’re constantly managing water pressure, to help protect you from property damage and unexpected bills.

Your water pressure at home can vary depending on a few factors, like whether your house is built on high or low land, how far away your nearest water source is, leaks or bursts within the network, as well as how much water is being used by you and your neighbours at the same time.

Water pressure in your pipes will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Where you live in our region
  • The length of the pipe bringing water from the nearest reservoir or storage point to your property
  • How high above sea level the reservoir is compared to your property and
  • How much water is being used by you and your neighbours at the same time.

We take care of more than 38,000km of pipe – enough to go to Australia and back, so maintaining the right pressure in our pipes is a constant challenge.


Benefits of water pressure management:

  • With the correct flow of water, pipes can last longer
  • Water supplies are more reliable with fewer interruption
  • Less need for excavation work to repair broken mains
  • You save on water and energy costs
  • Lower leakage rates
  • We all save precious water

You can see anytime if we're planning a pressure management scheme near you.


​Think you’ve found a leak in the network?

If you can see a leak, please report it via our online portal, or by calling our free 24/7 number – 03457 145 145