Report a leak

Our region is the driest in the UK so it’s important you help us love every drop and identify water leaks – no matter how big or small. If you spot a leak under a pavement or road, please tell us so we can fix it fast.

Such is our success in tackling leaks, we're supplying the same amount of water a day as we did 20 years ago and that's with 20% more customers. But we can only do this with your help.

If you see a leak, let us know the quickest way possible:

  • online via a quick and easy map to identify where the leak is
  • by calling our free 24/7 leakline number 0800 771 881.

The more information you give us, the faster we can identify and fix the leak.


Things to tell us:

  • location of the leak - drop a marker onto a google map so we know where it is
  • your contact details so we can call back if we need to.

Leaks on your supply pipe

If you think you’ve a leak on your supply pipe, take a look at the following information: