Increased bill?

Sometimes our customers may find that their bill is higher than they were expecting. Before we explore why this might be, it’s important to note that every February we publish our water and sewerage services charges for the coming year online and in your bill, these then apply from 1st April till 31st March.


Find out more information about the story behind your bill. ​

If you need help with your water bill, our Extra Care team can build a personalised package of support for you.​


Did you know? 


During the pandemic, we saw our customers increase their water usage by 11%. As we review most account payments on a yearly basis, you may have not seen the increase in your payments immediately.  

The additional use during the pandemic can be due to a variety of reasons, from working at home and homeschooling, to the additional water usage used with paddling pools and gardening to keep ourselves busy.


There are a few reasons why your bill could be higher than you expected, such as a new addition to the household. If you do have a child under 12 months you can register for our Priority Services Register.


If this isn’t the case, it might be something inside or outside your home causing a usage increase. Have you had a new water appliance installed like a power shower or a problem with a running overflow or dripping tap? Maybe you’ve had a water softener fitted or the existing system isn’t working properly, or your toilet overflow runs continually.

Faulty fittings can waste water and increase your usage. 

 If it’s not something inside your home, you may want to consider other options. Has the weather or a new lawn caused you to water your garden more than usual, have you had any internal or external building work done or have you filled a pond, swimming pool, hot tub or large paddling pool? 


All contribute to additional usage. 


The good news


If you have found that you are using more water because of these changes, you can make some small changes to help reduce your usage and lower future bills. Check out our water efficiency hints and tips.

The best way for you to keep track of your water usage is to log in to My Account where you can add meter readings. By adding readings you can make sure your bills are based on true readings and you’re only paying for the water you use.

If you can’t think of anything that might have affected your usage, but your bill is higher than expected, watch this video to help you with what things to check and why, or you can follow some simple steps to check your water supply.