To make sure you can make a cup of tea in the morning, or brush your teeth before bed, our leakage experts work around the clock.


We use state-of-the-art technology to discover even the most hard-to-find leaks underground, and many of them are found before they even happen! Watch the video below to learn how we’re detecting and fixing hidden leaks.


Meet our leakage detectives - Keeping taps flowing for generations to come

Despite having one of the best track records on leakage in the country, repairing around 30,000 a year, we know that even one leak is one too many.


That’s why we’re always exploring new and better ways to find them. In fact, we invest £14 million every year in preventing, finding and fixing leaks, to help protect every drop for the future.

Finding leaks at home

But leaks don’t just occur in pipes underground, they can happen at home too. If think you’ve a leak and have a water meter fitted to your property, carry out a leak test before contacting us.

If you do find a leak, you can check if you already have an existing policy with HomeServe by calling 0800 2047999.

Leakage allowance

Once your repair is fixed, you may be eligible to claim a domestic leakage allowance. It's our way of and ensuring you receive the support you need. To check your eligibility and claim your allowance, simply complete our online form.

Please complete the form after your repair is completed.

Report a leak

If you do spot a leak, please tell us where we can find it and our team will act swiftly to find and fix it. 

  • Online via a quick and easy map
  • Or by calling our free 24/7 number – 03457 145 145