Tariffs and charges

To help you feel in control, we want to make sure that you understand how your charges are calculated, by making sure that our charges are as clear as possible.


Below are just some of the different tariff options available to eligible customers:

  • Our AquaCare Plus tariff is designed to help those in receipt of a means-tested benefit. For more information visit our AquaCare Plus page or check our eligibility calculator here.​
  • Our WaterSure tariff helps to support households in receipt of means-tested benefits, with three or more children under 18, or those using large amounts of water due to a medical condition.
  • Our Low Income Tariff for Eligible (LITE) households is designed to support customers who have a low disposable income and are having difficulty paying their water bill.
  • Our Standard rate tariff is the main domestic tariff for most customers; you’ll be put onto it when you first set up your account, whether you are metered or unmetered.
  • We also have specific tariffs for certain areas in our region such as Northstowe, Woods Meadow, Finningley, and Hartlepool. 


Our charges

Every year we review our water and sewerage charges to make sure you’re getting the best value for your money. And in February we publish our water and sewerage services charges for the coming year, which then apply from 1 April till 31 March.


Understanding your bill

We’re working hard to ensure water bills are as low as possible, while still preparing our region to meet the significant challenges of a rapidly changing climate and a growing population. We want to make sure your bill is as clear as possible and you understand all the bits of information. Find out more about how we calculate your bill, and the story behind this.​


Our support teams are here to help

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, our specially-trained Extra Care Support team can help find a way forward with a personalised plan. We can check you’re on the right tariff, look at payment plans and point you towards other help and benefits.