Tariffs and charges

Every February we publish our water and sewerage service charges for the coming year. These apply from 1st April to 31st March.


Our different tariffs, detailed below, form part of our charges for the year.  You can also find out more about how we calculate your bill and when you’ll receive it.



This is the main domestic tariff for the majority of customers; you’re put onto it when you first set up your account. Find out more here.


We also have specific tariffs for certain areas in our region. If you live in one of these areas, here you can find tariff information for Northstowe, Woods Meadow, Finningley and Hartlepool.


AquaCare Plus

This is for metered homes where you may be experiencing particular hardship. It has a higher fixed annual standing charge than our Standard tariff, but charges less for the volume of water used. You may be eligible for AquaCare Plus if you’re in receipt of a means-tested benefit. Check our eligibility calculator to see if you qualify. For pricing information visit our AquaCare Plus page or apply here.


This is for metered homes where you may be experiencing particular hardship and need to use large amounts of water. It has a higher fixed charge than our Standard tariff but no charge for the volume of water used. This tariff and eligibility criteria is slightly different to AquaCare Plus. Check our eligibility calculator to see if you qualify and visit our WaterSure page for charges information or apply here.



A low usage tariff which is being phased out and due to be removed by 2022. We’re not accepting new applications, but if you’re currently on SoLow find out more here.


Our Low Income Tariff for Eligible (LITE) households supports you if you have a low disposable income and are struggling to pay your water bill. We can help by applying a discount to your water charges.


To apply visit our LITE page.



With a meter you only pay for the water you use. If you switch to a water meter you’ll save an average of £150 a year.


A meter also helps reduce the amount of water you use - and that's really important because we live in one of the UK's driest regions, where water resources are precious for our communities, businesses and the environment.


So, whether you'd like to have a meter fitted, switch to measured water as part of our metering programme, get advice on how to read your meter or find out how to save water, we're here to help. Find out whether a water meter is right for you and how to switch.



If you don’t have a water meter, your charges are based on the Rateable Value (RV) of your home. This value was set back in March 1990 and is based on differing factors including: the size of your home, the number of rooms and your local amenities.

Although RV’s are no longer set by councils, we still have to base our charges on the 1990 values.

You also pay a fixed charge, which is the same across our region, for the services you receive. 

If you’d like a meter, visit our switch to a water meter page.


Water usage calculator

Estimate how much water your household uses.