Upgraded meters

At Anglian Water, we’re always finding better ways to save water and protect our region – we have a long term plan in place, but we can’t do it alone.


Measure every drop


Water meters are a brilliant way to help our customers save water in their homes, almost 90% of our customers only pay for what they use. And because of this we have the lowest number of leaks  compared to other water companies. Our long-term plan for upgrading meters will:


  • Make sure every home and business in our region has an upgraded meter by 2035. In the next 5 years, we’re upgrading 870,000 meters which we’ll connect to our new network.
  • Help us have fewer vans on the roads reading meters, reducing our carbon footprint and helping towards our net zero carbon commitment. We’ll be able to read the meters remotely and more regularly.


Helping us love every drop

Once we’ve upgraded your meter, it’ll automatically send us a daily meter reading to make sure you’re getting an accurate bill. Our Privacy Notice has more information about the data that we collect, what we use it for and how we look after it.


In the future, your upgraded meter will help us find and fix leaks faster than ever before – we’ll even be able to contact you if we think you have leak. With meters across the region, we can better understand water use across the year and plan for water demand in specific towns. And when more homes have an upgraded meter, we won’t need to make as many visits to read meters or fix faulty ones (saving time, carbon and money!). We’ll let you know when you’ll be able to access these additional features.




Postcode planning

You can use our postcode checker to see if we’re in your area or will be soon.


If you’d like to make an appointment for an upgraded meter, you can see if you’re eligible here.