Codes for Adoption

Ofwat has now approved the Sewerage Sector Guidance documentation that the sector had previously prepared to meet the requirements of Ofwat's Code for Adoption Agreements.

Sewerage Sector Guidance (SSG) was introduced on 1st April 2020, replacing 'Sewers For Adoption'.

The purpose of the codes for adoption is to drive efficiency and effectiveness of the processes, reducing the time and costs incurred by all parties entering into adoption agreements. A new system of redress and model adoption agreement has also been published.

The approved documents can be found on Water UK’s website.

The sector realises that immediate implementation on or after the 1st April does present an issue to commonly – encountered situations. Transition arrangements have therefore been prepared to accommodate such scenarios. Water UK has now published final SSG transition principles, which can be found here.

In general, applications using current standards will continue to be accepted for six months from the implementation of the SSG on 1st April 2020. As far as possible, Anglian Water would prefer to agree with developers that schemes submitted after 1st April should be handled using the new service standards. 

So what's changed?

A number of important changes have been introduced within the SSG. These have been established as improvements to the current process and procedures for Adoption Agreements.

Key highlights include:

We are making modifications to our InFlow portal where necessary to respond to the process changes identified in the SSG. We are confident that these modifications will help support our customers during the application and agreement process.   

Local practices

SSG allows Anglian Water to introduce a local practice in certain permitted areas where our operational requirements are not adequately covered in the DCG.

Anglian Water has now implemented a local practice for pumping stations, effective as of 22nd June 2020. Our published document can be found here. If you have any questions relating to the content, please contact us on 0345 60 66 087 or by email to

You asked, what we heard

We understand that the SSG may pose unanswered questions for you. We are happy to respond to all questions individually and also share our responses with all customers on our website. 

Please send any questions to with 'SSG Question' in the subject line.