Fixing a leak

To reduce leakage across our region and save water in this driest part of the UK, we want to help you find and fix any leaks.

The pipework supplying your home with water is your responsibility, so if there’s a leak, you need to take immediate action and repair it within 30 days. Here's what to do:

1. Check your insurance


Your home insurance policy might cover you for a supply pipe leak. If it does, give your insurer a call.


2. Do you have separate insurance cover?


You may have a separate insurance policy to cover a supply pipe leak, If you do, give the company a call. If you don't have cover, you may want to look at the range of options available with HomeServe.


3. Repairing leaks


If your insurance policy doesn’t cover you for fixing leaks, contact a plumber. Here's a list of our approved plumbers and underground installers. Alternatively, find a local plumber or contractor on the internet, in the local paper or in the Yellow Pages.

4. Let us know when your leak's repaired

Once it’s repaired, call us on 03457 145 145 or email us. If you’re a metered customer, we’ll ask you to provide us with two meter readings two weeks apart. This helps us calculate any refund that may be due.

5. Carry out a leak test

After the leak’s repaired, carry out a regular leak test to ensure there are no other leaks. If there are, please repair within 30 days.

Frequently asked questions


Leaks and how to fix them 

This leaflet explains who is responsible for the water supply pipe and what to do when there is a leak.