Help if you’re an unmetered customer

Unlike customers with water meters, unmetered customers have fixed annual charges that are not based on water usage. 

Instead, we use the 'rateable value' of your home, which was set by the Department of Inland Revenue in 1990, and uses factors such as home size, number of rooms, and local amenities. ​

Additionally, you pay a fixed charge for the services we provide. Our charges are updated annually on 1 April and these charges are explained here. 

Save Money with a water meter ​
Did you know that most customers save at least £150 by switching to a water meter? Not only does it give you more control over your water consumption and bill, but we’re also rolling out smart meters in our region for even greater control and leak detection. Learn more about water meter’s here.​

When you’re on a metered tariff, you to only pay for the exact amount of water you use, which gives you access to a range of tariffs to manage your bill payments. And if you change your mind, you can switch back to unmetered charges within the first two years and we guarantee you won't pay more than your unmeasured charges during this period.

Our lowest bill guarantee

We offer a lowest bill guarantee for customers who switch to a metered tariff, and if you switch to one of our discounted tariffs (WatersureAquacare PlusLITE or Extra LITE) and later switch back to our standard tariff, you'll have two years from that point to decide if you want to switch back. ​

Need help with your bill?

Our Extra Care Support team has helped over 330,000 customers in the past year. We can help you find a personalised plan, including payment options and other benefits.